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Thursday, March 8, 2012

12/19/2011 Update

Good morning, hope everyone is doing well. Been busy lately between my freelance transcription job, some freelance writing I've been doing, and my regular part-time job with Apptical. I've also been busy getting ready for the holidays, of course... hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away! I've also had a few more posts published on Work at Home Adventures the past few weeks: A Review of Helium and Things to Consider When Deciding To Work from Home. Check them out!

12/3/2011 Update

Started my new Elance transcription gig this week, so far it's going well, although it's taking me longer to transcribe the audios than I thought it would - hoping the transcription time will decrease as I get used to the way this client wants things done, though. I also downloaded a program called PhraseExpress that I hope will help me cut down my transcription time - so we'll see how well that works!Oh, and if you want more information on my previous experiences with working from home, check out my latest guest blog post on Work at Home Adventures: Get to Know Erica Martin: Featured Writer

11/30/2011 Update

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Things have been pretty busy for me the past few days. While I was gone over Thanksgiving weekend, I actually got an email that a proposal I had put in for a general transcription job on Elance had been accepted, so I'm looking forward to working on that job starting tomorrow. Still waiting on a response on a proposal I sent in for the ebook that I want to publish about my work from home experiences also. Also, with Christmas just around the corner, I've written a new blog post on Work at Home Adventures which has Christmas gift ideas for people who work from home. Check it out, maybe you'll get some ideas to pass on to your friends and family, or get some ideas for gifts to get for your friends or family members who work from home: Christmas Gift Ideas for People Who Work from Home.Also, in today's post on Work at Home Adventures, Miranda provides some great advice on how to find work at home jobs, even when they seem to be disappearing left and right. Check it out here.

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I updated, and I apologize for that. A lot has gone on the past few months. First of all, I got my Duplicate Checking permissions at Demand Media taken away :(. I'm not worried though, because I've found other sources of income to replace Demand Media. I've started doing more freelance writing on sites such as Merchantcircle and Helium, and I found a few other sites to do freelance writing on - submitted my first article today on a site called iWriter - we'll see if it gets approved. I've also written a few articles on a site called Triond - you can check out those articles here. I have also started doing some writing for a lady I found out through another fellow freelance writer.And, I'm still going through with my plans to eventually publish an e-book. I may have even found a website to help me do it, thanks to another fellow work from home friend. Though I've been less active with publishing guest blog posts lately since losing my side gig with Demand, I've still been doing some, and I'll add links to them to the outline that I've got going

9/22/2011 Update

Published a new guest post on Work At Home Adventures: Tips for Being Successful As An Independent Contractor. Check it out!

Thinking of Writing a Book

I'm thinking of writing a book. Not sure if it will be an e-book or a hard copy one, but I've decided to start taking the articles and blog posts I've written on work from home topics and start compiling them into a book. Not sure when I'd want to have it publisehd - my "dream" date would be to have it published by the time I'm 40 (another 2 1/2 years) but at this point I'd be happy to publish one before I die. LOL So in addition to putting updates on here about new blog posts and articles that I publish, I'll also be keeping you all updated on how I'm progressing with the book. Stay tuned!!

9/12/2011 Update

Published a new guest blog post on Work at Home Adventures: Find Your Passion. Enjoy!

9/8/2011 Update

It's been a while since I updated... been busy with work, plus Kevin and I went out of town for Labor Day weekend. Thought I'd post a quick update though... I have another guest blog post published at Work at Home Adventures, you can check it out here . Hope to have another guest blog post published soon, will post it here when I do.

New Guest Blog Post on Work at Home Adventures

Happy to say that I survived Hurricane Irene... it didn't hit me that hard, thankfully - we just had some wind and intermittent rain. I have had another guest blog post published that I wanted to share though: Ways to Start Your Day off Strong. Check it out!

8/24/2011 Update

Been a busy past few days. Worked Apptical from 9-6 the past few days, plus did a little duplicate checking in the evenings both today and yesterday. Also finally got a new guest post published on Work At Home Adventures, it's about health problems that are common to people who work from home. You can check it out here: Health Problems Associated With Working from Home and How to Deal With Them. Tomorrow I plan to do $25 worth of duplicate checking, plus I have to work Apptical from 2-5, plus I may also do some work at Clickworker if I have time. For those of you who want to know more about clickworker, you can check out a review here. Everyone have a great night!